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President: Jeremy Plotnick
Phone: 832.853.1027



Welcome!  The “good news” today is that SATURDAY TOWARD EXCELLENCE PROGRAM (STEP) is the best deal in town- a free tutoring program.   We have great tutors and volunteers working with your child.  We offer many exciting enrichment programs, activities, workshops and motivational speakers. These experiences help students to acquire skills, instill confidence, develop positive attitude, skill development and promote setting goals.  Tutoring sessions take place three Saturdays per month at Chantilly High School Media Center.


STEP also has a well-organized volunteer program for parents   offering informative workshops to help parents to become advocates for their children. The bottom line is STEP gives that extra support that is needed to help students who are having some difficulty with certain subjects.  Our goal is to turn a negative into a positive result.  We ask the parent to work with their child at home too.


  Our request to the parent is to make a strong commitment to bring your child for tutoring each Saturday we are scheduled for tutoring. Do not let your child stay up late on Friday nights knowing that he/she has to come to STEP on Saturday. Let us work in partnership to help the child.


Monitoring students’ progress is very important to us.  We are requesting you to give us a copy of your child’s report card after each grading period.  We want to see the child‘s progress. In the past, parents were not supportive with this request.  We do not have a staff to call your home for the report card so we are asking you to commit to this.  If you cannot do this, please give your child’s counselor permission to send the grades to us.

The last piece of information is for you to sign-up to volunteer at STEP.  We are requesting you to commit to three Saturdays for the year.  You pick the time and date you can come in and we will look for you to come to help.  Job descriptions are attached identifying the various duties. 


Again welcome to STEP.  If you have any concerns, questions, please let us know.  Email me at



Contact Barbara Tyler by email at or by phone at 571-643-6270


Bell Schedule

A Days:
1st 8:10-9:40
LS 9:45-10:25
CT 10:30-11:15
5th / Lunch 11:20-1:20
7th 1:25-2:55
B Days:
2nd 8:10-9:40
4th 9:45-11:15
6th / Lunch 11:20-1:20
8th 1:25-2:55
Contact Us!

Activities Office - 703.222.8160
Cafeteria - 703.222.8178
Career Center - 703.222.8154
Clinic/Health Room - 703.222.8106
Chantilly Academy - 703.222.7460
Parent Liaison - 703.222.6303
Student Services - 703.222.8150

Office Hours - 7:15 AM - 3:45 PM

Last Updated: March 23, 2019 · Curator: Shawn Heilemann

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